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Annual Movers Study Reveals Where Americans Moved in 2023

(1/4/24)  Where are Americans moving and why?


On Jan. 2, 2024, United Van Lines released the company’s 47th Annual National Movers Study, which indicates that Americans are headed eastbound and southbound – and relocating to less-expensive areas with comparable amenities to larger metropolitan areas.


The study tracks the company’s exclusive data for customers’ state-to-state migration patterns, and for the third consecutive year, more of the company’s residents moved to Vermont than any other state, with 65% of moves being inbound. Why Vermont? Most movers wanted to be closer to family (29%), the study found, but lifestyle changes (20%) were important too.


The state that most residents left was New Jersey, for the sixth consecutive year, where 65% of moves were outbound. The top reason movers left the state was retirement (27%).


In the Southeast, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama increased in popularity, with a high percentage of inbound moves. Arkansas and West Virginia also moved up in the rankings and joined the list of top inbound states in 2023.


Conversely, in the Midwest and West regions of the U.S., Illinois, Michigan and California were all included among the top states with a high percentage of outbound moves in 2023.


“We are continuing to see the trend that Americans are moving to more affordable, lower-density areas across the country, with many heading to Southern states,” said Eily Cummings,  United Van Lines vice president of corporate communications. “Movers are also becoming more strategic with their planning, as relocation continues to be driven by factors such as the price of housing, regional climates, urban planning and job growth.”  


The top 10 inbound states in 2023 were, according to United Van Lines: Vermont, Washington, D.C., South Carolina, Arkansas, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Dakota, Alabama, New Mexico and West Virginia.


The top outbound states for 2023 were:  New Jersey, Illinois, North Dakota, New York, Michigan, California, Massachusetts and Kansas.


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